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What is Mobile Anesthesia?
16 Dec 2016 0
Mobile Anesthesia

Anesthesia from the operating room to your medical office within 10 minutes. Provided with ease of effort due to years of mobile anesthesia experience. Provide the service you desire within the comfort and care of your own office.

Mobile anesthesia is a traveling practice of anesthesia providers who come directly to your facility to provide services in your setting. We are fully capable of using your existing equipment and supplies, or we can furnish everything necessary to provide quality anesthesia for you and your patients. We provide services ranging from conscious sedation up to and including general endotracheal anesthesia. We can utilize any practice setting, and can be set up and ready to serve your patients in as little as 10 minutes.

Illinois Anesthesia not only remains committed to the patients we care for, but also the doctors, nurses, and staff at each facility we travel to. The experience of mobile anesthesia at your place of practice is meant to be a less stressful experience for you. Our organization handles the setup, delivery of safe and effective care, and billing aspects of our services. We will transform any office based practice setting into a comfortable area for you and your patients. With our help you can focus solely on your care.

We are a team of highly qualified and caring professionals who's main goal is providing safe, effective anesthesia services for you, your patients, your staff and business.

Illinois Mobile Anesthesia
Bloomington, Illinois

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