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Surgery is intimidating, and here at Illinois Mobile Anesthesia we understand that. As physicians our focus is on the patient, and having the operation done under sedation or anesthesia makes the experience much more pleasant. Anesthesia is a process that relaxes the body and prevents someone from feeling pain during surgical procedures. It can also reduce anxiety when having a surgery and is used as a calming action.

Each anesthetic is administered by an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist who is highly educated and skilled in delivering anesthesia during your procedure allowing for complete assurance that you are comfortable and safe. Our providers will talk to you before your procedure and are open to any questions about your care and particular needs.

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Methods of Administration

Our specialty, in which we travel to your doctor's office and setup an entire anesthesia with all the equipment associated with providing safe and effective anesthesia.

A type of anesthesia that affects your whole body when administered to a person. It implements a state of loss-consciousness as the individual falls asleep. They don’t feel anything happening to their body and when they wake up, they have no recollection of the procedure.

In conjunction with sedation or MAC (monitored anesthesia care), is a type of anesthesia that is used when only a small area of the body is supposed to be numbed. During the procedure, a person remains partially asleep, and experiences no pain. Typically they have no recollection of the procedure.

Also known as Pain Blocks, are done to block sensations to an area of the body and provide pain-free recovery period when the person goes home.

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