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Turnkey Mobile Anesthesiology Service

We are able provide all necessary equipment, medications supplies, documentation and billing. Our mobile anesthesia workstation can convert any room in your office into an operating room within 10-15 minutes of our arrival. All equipment can be removed following procedure completion, thereby returning the room to its original use and configuration. We are also able to use your available equipment and work with you in providing consultation services regarding the equipment to purchase and the medications required to provide safe and reliable anesthesia or sedation.

Quality Mobile Anesthesia

Anesthesia care is delivered using the same standards as in hospital operating rooms. We use the same medications, supplies, monitoring and emergency equipment. The only difference is that you are working in your own office/ surgery center and using your own favorite instruments and equipment.

Providers Experienced in Office-Based Anesthesia

Illinois Mobile Anesthesia providers are experienced in all aspects of office-based anesthesia and recovery. We use the newest and safest techniques to provide the highest level of comfort while allowing rapid recovery from anesthesia. We use very short-acting but potent medications to provide excellent surgical conditions for you to work in. Our goal is to have the patient comfortable and immobile during the procedure, and alert and mobile at the end of the procedure, ready to go home quickly.

Anesthesia Recovery Service

Our mobile anesthesia providers and support staff recover patients and stay in the facility until patient is discharged or taken over by your staff. We make an extra effort to assure patient safety and optimal recovery.

Focus On Patient Safety and Satisfaction

Our sole focus is on patient safety. We provide highly personalized services that dramatically enhance patient satisfaction with office-based anesthesia experience. From the moment the patient walks through the doors to the moment of discharge, we address every concern the patient may have throughout the whole process. Patients also have lower out of pocket expenses, and are able to benefit from efficient scheduling and saving time away from family and work.

Flexible Scheduling

We aim to accommodate your practice and your patients all day long, 7 days a week. Providing services for timely regular care, as well as prompt emergency care.

Service Area

Our mobile anesthesia and outpatient anesthesia services are available to Physicians throughout the state of Illinois. Already serving multiple locations across surrounding areas.

Services for Doctors

Mobile Anesthesiologists and Mobile Anesthesia Nurse Anesthetists providing Office based anesthesia services throughout Illinois, traveling to your location. We are specialists in outpatient anesthesia and office based anesthesia. We also provide anesthesia for dental sedation and general anesthesia for dental and pediatric dental procedures.
We take care of everything! You just focus on your procedure and leave the rest to us. We make your patients feel great. Your patients will be so happy that they will bring their friends to you! Our values are Comfort, Compassion, and Innovation!

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