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Mobile Anesthesia Through a Frozen Period

Here at Illinois Anesthesia we offer the most profound and convenient methodologies to administer Mobile Anesthesia in almost any environment. With certified specialists on board, allow us to adapt your office, home, or other location into a safe and comfortable zone for anesthesia administration.

2021 has arrived, and several weeks now separate us from the previous year - Happy New Year again! Each one of us is now granted the opportunity to turn around our focus and evaluate ourselves in the previous year. Inevitably, some of the implications brought by COVID-19 have merge into the new year; causing some months to feel as if they are one long period. Such a repetition of similarities can leave us feeling stuck, or Frozen. Despite the similarities, our team at Illinois Anesthesia strives to motivate members across all communities to maintain high levels of optimism for when this Frozen Period melts away. Even now, each of us hold the opportunity to make the most out of this situation, utilizing our downtime to evolve our own character while helping others. Within our own operations, we are: integrating even further safety and sanitation standards into our Mobile Anesthesia provision, furthering the education of all anesthesiologists and team members, while increasing personal outreach in an effort to ensure our local communities are in good standing. Our anesthesia team would like to wish everyone throughout Illinois (and the rest of the world) the highest sanitation standards and productivity levels as we work through the rest of this Frozen Period

If asked to wait for a few moments, most of us would not have an issue. However, when asked to wait for months; agitation begins to settle in. In an effort to fulfill our cravings during this standstill, each of us need to brainstorm upon avenues of multitasking that can integrate productivity with our limitations. Here at Illinois Anesthesia, we are practicing this idea daily; evolving our mobile anesthesia provision while remaining on standby for community members. As a business with multiple locations across Illinois, we understand the struggle from a sympathetic viewpoint. Emphasizing just one more reasons our team is devoted to such an honest provision. We strive to establish a collaborative environment, allowing everyone to conclude these tough times with a stronger version of ourselves than before.

Our team at Illinois Anesthesia maintains a positive outlook that the ice bounding us with limitations will begin to thaw; wrapping up a Frozen Period. If each of us reach an understanding that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, we can also understand that the utilization of our time now is actually a proactive measure for the future. Although the world will have its differences, rest assured that the mobile anesthesia provision you seek at Illinois Anesthesia will go unchanged (except for the better). Our dental anesthesia, oral surgery anesthesia, ENT anesthesia, general surgery anesthesia, MRI anesthesia, Neurology anesthesia, and all other services will remain unaltered in the new year.

"Illinois Anesthesia made me feel as if I was at home. I was completely comfortable in the situation I was in, thanks to their staff taking the time to explain to me the process. Just like that, everything was taken care of. Honestly the most pain free (pun intended), but also stress free experience I have ever gone through at any office - Julie C"

Continual repetition has never been witnessed so harshly, yet the power to resolve is in our own control. Although some restrictions are inevitable, the areas of self-evolvement or personal education remain in our control. At Illinois Anesthesia we strive to encourage all members of Illinois (and the rest of the world) to make the most out of this downtime as a proactive approach to the light at the end of the tunnel. Internally, our team at Illinois Anesthesia is: ensuring safe measured and maximum levels sanitation throughout our provision of mobile anesthesia, evolving the education of all team members, and increasing our local outreach. Each team member of Illinois Anesthesia would like to not only wish the upmost health to all families, but also the motivation to evolve your own character while the time is present. Through dedication, each of us contain the potential to become a better version of our own character; granting us the capability to work through this Frozen Period.

- Illinois Anesthesia
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