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Illinois Mobile Anesthesia – Benefits of Mobile Anethesia

Illinois Mobile Anesthesia is the leading provider for anesthesiologist services in Illinois. Focusing in ambulatory, dental, and specializing in mobile anesthesia. Below is the breakdown of what we offer as a high quality organization dedicated to our provision.

Mobile Anesthesia, also referred to as OBA (Office Based Anesthesia) has experienced exponential growth over the past two decades and is currently recognized as the fastest growing anesthesia subspecialty in the United States. With the vast advancement in technology, devices that administer anesthesia are now smaller than ever, and entirely mobile. This simplicity and refinement has allowed for organizations like ourself to offer Mobile Anesthesia in the comfort and convenience of any physician or dentist office. We here at Illinois Anesthesia not only offer this adaptability, but in a manner that is as safe as regular stationary anesthesia. The medications used are the same as medical hospitals and all monitors are appropriately equivalent. Although complications are very minimal, the rate at which they occur is relative to that in a real medical office; exclaiming the strong similarity between the two.

Although most benefits of Mobile Anesthesia re self explanatory, there are also a wide variety that are often overlooked:
• Comfort level for the patient is drastically increased as the intimidation of a hospital is no longe present
• Maximum convenience for both the physician and patient as anesthesia can be administered in an area in which you are already familiar with
• Increased privacy for the patient as anesthesia can be directly administered in your physicians or dentists office
• Avoid any additional visits to a primary care physician for history or a physical prior to the procedure. Here at Illinois Anesthesia we take care of the paperwork for you, offering the most convenient experience possible
• Individualized one on one care as anesthesia is administered by physician anesthesiologists
• Genuine and individualized attention for your patient as opposed to a systematic approach in which patients are left feeling as if they are in an “assembly-line” of care administration
• Potential cost savings as opposed to a surgery or anesthesia administration at the hospital

Illinois Anesthesia administers all mobile anesthesia through board certified physician anesthesiologists. Both pre and post procedure care will be taken in the hands of specialists who ensure an efficient and comfortable recovery. Risk is very limited in regards to anesthesia, although some patients do experience mild side effects such as a sore throat or the feeling of nausea upon waking up. Mobile Anesthesia is exceptionally safe, for both children and adults, even with medical histories that require supreme care. We are committed to providing mobile anesthesia with maximum convenience and overall comfort. Allow us to handle both set-up and take-down, along with exponential paperwork; allowing you to focus entirely on your patient throughout the entire process. Mobile Anesthesia is featuring a drastic incline from year to year. We look forward to offering this experience in your physician or dental office and introducing you to the newest way to administer anesthesia. Feel free to contact us today to further discuss your options for Mobile Anesthesia

Illinois Mobile Anesthesia

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